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   SteelCON Supply Company is a whSTC_DSC_0134.gifolesale distributor of steel and supplies for the industrial, construction and mining industry.
   We maintain a 40,000 square foot warehouse, $2 million in inventory, and a fleet of trucks. Our goal is to be a one source provider of all the products you need - delivered to your door when you need them.  We stock a comprehensive inventory for the industries we serve.
This includes all types and sizes of steel for commercial, industrial, construction, and mining applications along STC_DSC_0115.gifwith a multitude of construction products that support your building projects.
   Need your steel in a special cut or size, your rebar bent? We can do that too.  If the product you need is not in stock, or you have another type of special order, we have a network of resources that will supply your
every need.  




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