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Can you provide mill test reports on your steel?


Yes, we can. We sell only domestic, top grade steel.


Can you answer technical questions like: how do I make my concrete harder?


Yes. Our technical advisors are knowledgeable professionals with years of seasoned, industry experience. We’re glad to assist you in your business any way we can.


Do you provide take-offs?


Yes, we have both the software and equipment needed to provide take-offs so you can order more cost-effectively.


What if I need something over the weekend?


We provide customers with emergency contact numbers so you can get what you need even on the weekends.


How long will I generally have to wait to receive an order?


We maintain our own fleet of trucks and deliver directly to our customers. You tell us when you need it and we’ll make sure that’s when it arrives.


What if you don’t have the product I’m looking for in stock?


We have an extensive network of resources. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll order it for you quickly and efficiently.